Intellipure provides professional multi-stage air purification and pollutant-removing units. Their line of Ultrafine air purifiers utilize Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) technology, giving the Intellipure brand of air purifiers the ability to capture particles as small as .007 micron in size – surpassing HEPA standards. The brand was developed by Healthway Home products, a leader in commercial and consumer grade air cleansing products.

Intellipure website index page screenshot

Web Design

Working in collaboration with Healthway’s marketing and creative staff, we landed on the idea of making the product landing page a single-page “scroller” site. The focus of the page was on educating the user on ultrafine particles, showcasing the touch screen, and emphasizing that it is made in the USA.

Launch site
Intellipure interactive product interface screenshot

Product Interface

An important feature of the purifier is the simple and easy way that users control it through a capacitive touch interface. We wanted to highlight this differentiating feature by creating a web version that allows visitors to interact with and learn about the unit’s capabilities. We also tied the power meter to the scroll event to add some interest as the user navigates the website.

Intellipure mobile web design

Intellipure eCommerce Website - Product List
Intellipure eCommerce Website - Checkout Process

Online Store

We built a mobile-friendly online store for consumers to directly purchase the unit as well as replacement filters. Making use of the UPS API, we implemented on-the-fly shippping calculations based on the user’s shipping address. The store is 100% mobile-friendly.

View the store
Intellipure mobile web design
Intellipure mobile web design