With access to some of the best, most comprehensive medical imagery around the world, Skinsight is a digital resource dedicated to providing quality health information to (consumers) via the web.


How Skinsight Works

Skinsight provides insight from experts about treating and caring for your skin. Users can use the Skin Condition Finder to search by age, sex, and body location to identify a skin condition they or a child are experiencing. Each skin condition page shows various images and information such as who’s at risk, symptoms, self-care guidelines, and visit urgency.

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Rebrand & a Move to WordPress

Before the rebuild, the old version of Skinsight was stuck in a CMS that made it tough to keep content updated. The move to WordPress has allowed the team to take control over virtually all content on the site. The intuitive backend allows editors to update skin conditions, post new photos, change search results, and more.

With the new launch, the service was also rebranded with the help of VisualDx’s Dimitri Kokkinos. The new look puts the website more in line with their skin conditions app, Aysa.

Choosing a body part from the face on the Skin Condition Finder
Skinsight Disease Groups


Our studio would like to thank Joe Spadoni, Dimitri Kokkinos, and Onno Kluyt for their partnership on this project.

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