Meier's Creek Brewing Company's Cazenovia Farm Brewery location set in a beautiful clearing on a sunny day. Several white fermentation vessels are seen next to the brown exterior of the brewery.

Meier’s Creek Brewing Company

Proudly brewing what's next for New York and beyond, Meier's Creek Brewing Company stands apart as brewery distruptor, while creating an accessible and welcoming environment for those seeking an escape.
Capital Region AAF ADDY AwardsSilver - Online/Interactive - Consumer Websites


Brewing What’s Next for Craft Beer

Sitting atop 22 acres of rolling green hills and surrounded by strands of hops, Meier’s Creek Brewing Company has positioned their craft brewing operation in the perfect space for Upstate enjoyment. With their focus on quality ingredients and adventurous new flavors, it’s no surprise this brewery has quickly grown to far more than just a local favorite, and has become a destination for those who seek great times, and great craft beers to enhance the moment.

Visit the Live Site
The Meier's Creek Brewing Company's home page shown on a mobile device sized layout
The Meier's Creek Brewing Company's Cazenovia farm brewery location page with a custom illustration depicting the brew pub exterior
A page from Meier's Creek Brewing Company's beer archive showing their Elephantastic beer, which raised funds for Rosamond Gifford Zoo's elephant sanctuary
The Meier's Creek Brewing Company's about page showing the Instagram feed integrated into the page layout
The Meier's Creek Brewing Company's Dont' Act Like You're Not Impressed beer page
The About page from Meier's Creek Brewing Company's new website, showing customized, branded iconography
The Floatin' On By pilsner landing page on Meier's Creek Brewing Company's website in a mobile layout
The Beer Archive page showcasing Untappd integration in the website, allowing users the sort beers by style or by ABV, as shown on an iPhone in a person's hand

Ever-Flowing Tap (List)

Nobody really enjoys doing the same thing twice. Realizing a lot of the brewery’s tap and menu management is done through UnTappd, we built a process that feeds realtime listings from their beer menu straight to the website’s beer archive, and live tap menus at each location. If a beer kicks at the taproom, the team updates their UnTappd account, and the changes cascade through the brand’s website and menus. Having access to all of that beer data gave us the information for filtering the beer list by style, availability, and even the ability to filter by desired ABV.

Topped Off with Character

With a richly diverse beer catalog both by style and by visuals, our goal was to have every individual beer page reflective of the character and label colors. Taking this approach helped encapsulated the unique character and story behind each beer, while also captivating thirsty visitors, inviting them to delve deeper into the brewery’s diverse offerings.

"During the bid and discovery phase for the new Meier’s Creek website, we knew for many reasons that The Lab Creative was the way to go. Our intuition was right! It was an easy and seamless experience with their team and I look forward to more projects going forward."

Crystal Paolelli Director of Marketing, Meier's Creek Brewing Company


Our studio would like to thank Crystal Paolelli, Cody Fedele, Janie Kempf, and the entire team at Meier’s Creek Brewing Company for their partnership on this project.

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