A young male sits on a shoreline with his back to the camera. He gazes off toward the distance over a beautiful lake on a sunny day. He's wearing a brown backwards Pure Adirondacks hat.

Pure ADK

Pure Adirondacks is a community and lifestyle brand for storytellers and outdoor recreationists who are inspired by their exploration of the Adirondack Park. Retail offerings include soft goods like apparel, shirts, and hats - all the way to stickers, limited edition prints and artwork, hiking supplies, and more.


Pure Adirondacks logo

The Logo Redesign

Evan, the owner and founder of Pure ADK, came to us for help with his brand. The original Pure ADK brand was born out of more of a badge design than a logo. This was causing problems because reproducing it in one color was challenging. To address the issue the logo was being reproduced in many different forms, causing the brand to become disjointed and inconsistent.

For the rebrand we dialed things back to a more simplified look. The new logo is extremely versatile and easily represented in one color on t-shirt tags, embroidery, vinyl decals, and more.

A series of eight camping-inspired stickers in circular lockup. They each display a canoe and paddles, a hiking pack, a tent, a trail marker.

"The Lab Creative helped us with rebranding, and has worked with us on a few other specific Adirondack design projects. They deliver high-quality designs, are great communicators, and love what they do, which makes it a pleasure to work with them."

Evan Williams Owner, Pure Adirondacks


We’d like to thank Evan Williams, Hilary Williams, and Lucy for their partnership on this project.

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