Donna Farchione leading a yoga session at Glow Yoga and Juice in Fayetteville, New York


Aligning the vision for this inspirational new brand for this lifestyle boutique and yoga studio.

Glow Yoga and Juice Primary Logo set over an orange background

A Bright New Brand

Having already created a celebrated reputation for their inclusive yoga sessions and tasty juices & smoothies, the founders of Glow set out to create something truly inspirational and more aligned with their vision for a Baptiste-inspired yoga practice. Our studio partnered with the pioneering founders to bring their vibrant vision to life with a new name for the new practice, an impactful visual identity, and a responsively designed website.

"When we were looking to rebrand, we had to work on an impossibly short timeline, and we were hoping to have a creative team to support us who would truly "get" us. Not only did we feel our friends at The Lab Creative "got" us, we discovered that they, too, are a passion-driven business. That passion comes through in their work. They stayed with us through the process of a creative rebrand and website, cheering us on at every step, and making the impossible feel not only possible but fun! Instead of "I don't think so", we got "I don't see that as a problem". And, it's a great feeling to know they're still there to cheerfully guide us as we continue to evolve. "

Donna Farchione Founder, Glow Yoga and Juice Bar


Our studio would like to thank Donna Farchione, Rick Farchione, Maddi Farchione, and Kasia Kinsella for their partnership on this project.

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