Cayuga County Parks & Trails

Offering diverse and scenic outdoor experiences for visitors and residents of the Finger Lakes region, Cayuga County's Parks and Trails are some of the most beloved and celebrated green spaces in all of New York state.


From Parks to Playgrounds: Cayuga County’s Search for a Brand

New Yorkers are rediscovering the great outdoors in the greater upstate region, spending more and more time learning about, and experiencing the beauty of this vibrant region. Recognizing this rejuvenated interest in exploring the green acres and blue waters of the Finger Lakes region, Cayuga County set out to find a pioneering partner for designing visual identities for each of its premier park properties. As outdoor enthusiasts, we were thrilled to lead this exciting rebrand.

Designing with Regional Representation

Our team drew inspiration from each park’s noteworthy sights, sounds, colors, and wildlife, to build custom-illustrated badges and brands that really captured each park’s unique identity. With this new flexible identity system, each park can use its own marks to identify park signage, public-facing communications, and spirited merchandise for excited park patrons.

Cayuga County Parks & Trails Department badge logo in green, white and gold

Hitting it Out of the Park

While building the noteworthy brands for each of their park properties, our team worked with Cayuga County to rebrand the overall Parks and Trails Department, giving this department its first-ever brand toolkit to consolidate the refined look and feel of the department.


Our studio would like to thank Doug Dello Strito, and Manette Becker from the Cayuga County Parks & Trails Department for their partnership on this project.

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