The Toast is a new breakfast and lunch spot in Canastota, NY. As a fresh new business we had the opportunity to create their brand and run with it. The client wanted something a little whimsical, recycled, and rustic yet modern and and clean.

The Toast Logo Design


This was one of those amazing projects where our vision lined up perfectly with the client’s. After sending the first draft of the logo over it was clear we hit the nail on the head: “We absolutely love it! I honestly don’t know if it could be any better.”

The Toast Web Design
The Toast Mobile Website Design
The Toast Mobile Website Design


The website is simple and clean. All of the basic restaurant information is made available to the viewer in a clear and easy to understand way, whether they’re using a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The simplicity of the website really helps it succeed as a mobile site. Visitors are presented with the most important information about the business, and they can quickly scroll through the menu.

Launch website
The Toast Menu Design

Restaurant menu

The menu on the website and the one printed for the restaurant were designed to be consistent. They share the same fonts, colors, and layout (when possible).

The Toastery logo design

Offshoot Brand

After the success of The Toast, the owners decided to open a similar restaurant in the area. This new place would be more of a bakery and cafe as opposed to a breakfast and lunch spot. After some discussion on the name, we all agreed that “The Toastery” was the way to go. We wanted the new brand to be very similar to The Toast so we could take advantage of its existing brand recognition.

What they said

“We absolutely love it! I honestly don’t know if it could be any better.”

“I came to The Lab without a clear idea of what I really wanted, but luckily they knew. We were ecstatic to receive the finished product.”

Kylie, Owner