A customized character from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds wearing an orange shirt and black hat

PUBG Dropzone

One of the titles that arguably defined and popularized the battle royale genre in gaming, PUBG remains one of the world's most popular multiplayer titles. From thrilling last-man-standing deathmatches to building highly customized characters and weapons, it's no wonder the title has become a competitive community that spreads from PC gamers to consoles, to mobile enthusiasts alike.


PUBG Dropzone developer blog list page on desktop

A Resource for the PUBG Developer Community

With their growing platform for players, PUBG’s operations team focused their sights on creating and streamlining an internal resource library and communications hub for their developer community. This internal resource would be used to announce efforts to prioritize specific features of the game, discuss additions or expansions to maps, or even discuss methods for detecting suspected cheaters in gameplay environments.

Our studio worked with PUBG’s team to build their developer blog with a custom-developed instance of WordPress, reflective of PUBG’s visual aesthetic and utilizing an industry-standard authorization flow method for access to the site’s content. Since PUBG’s distributed developer team spans worldwide, we provided custom localization of the site that allows developers to quickly toggle between English and Korean languages for all on-page content.

"Working with The Lab Creative was like having a band of rockstars join our team right from the get-go. They were able to get setup, started pushing code, and showed results in record time. Their work was top-notch, and they were easy to work with and felt like part of the team. We look forward to the next project with The Lab Creative, we know it will be awesome!"

Clarke Foley Director of Operations, PUBG NA

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