Runkeeper isn’t just a fitness tracker – they’re a global community that challenges and motivates their users to get out the door and stick with running, walking, and embracing a healthier lifestyle.

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The Run to Routine Collection

As their community has steadily grown, so has Runkeeper’s desire to create a line of branded apparel. We worked with the team at Runkeeper to create unique apparel pieces specifically for their new ‘Run to Routine’ collection. This offering is designed to be just as functional and comfortable while you’re running, as it is to wear down to the cafe. The Run to Routine collection also has a performance incentive – the more Runkeeper activities you log, the more discounts you earn towards purchasing items from the collection.

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Runkeeper womens shirt and tank top designs Runkeeper mens shirt and tank top designs

Valentine’s Quickie Challenge

It’s difficult to get motivated to log a run during those chilly winter months, so Runkeeper wanted to challenge their community to get active in February. We worked with the crew at Runkeeper to develop some lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek humor pieces for their collection. This challenge differed from the Run to Routine collection, as the Valentine’s Quickie apparel was available exclusively to those users that logged a run on Valentine’s weekend. If you didn’t log a minimum of 2.14 miles during that weekend, you missed out.

All apparel photography courtesy of Fitnesskeeper, Inc.

Runkeeper Valentines Day Quickie Campaign Shirts Runkeeper Valentines Day Quicker Campaign Artwork

What they said

“From day one, The Lab Creative has been such a great partner to work with. They understood our brand quickly, and came up with amazing concepts that we use for merchandising, our microsites and emails. Their quick turnaround and quality of work have made them a strong asset for our team.”

Sandrine, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Runkeeper