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Simplified Luxury (SLX) Hospitality provides unique operating supplies and equipment for the boutique, historic, and luxury hospitality industry throughout North America. Their main offering is a branded service called Boutique in a Box® that allows users to stock rooms with products found on their website – everything from bed sheets to refrigerators. Once built, the number of rooms is specified and SLX will ship each room in marked boxes making it easier and more efficient to get things unpacked and in place.

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The Brand

The SLX brand needed to be a clean, classic, yet modern, visual identity to compliment its excellence in customer experience and high-end product offering. Inspiration for the brand’s logomark came from researching elegant identities of boutique hotels and inns from the 1940s. Once we’d established the direction for SLX, we worked with their marketing team to develop an identity for their specialized Boutique in a Box® service. Again, inspiration was drawn from strong, thick letterforms in classic hotels, with the Boutique in a Box mark paying homage to vintage hotel wallpaper patterns.

A color palette of warmer values was chosen for the brand – something that felt more inviting and welcoming, just like the boutique hotel clients that SLX Hospitality services. We also developed the brand’s marketing collaterol, stationery and digital assets, including e-mail signatures for their staff and custom icons for their website.

SLX home page web design

The Website

Built with WordPress and WooCommerce, the website allows users to create Idea Boards, a Boutique in a Box®, and submit quote requests. Idea Boards allow users to create groupings of products and share them on social media, or email them to colleagues. A Boutique in a Box is a grouping of products that are meant for a specific room. If a hotel has 100 of the same room, they only have to build one room and specify that they have 100 of them. SLX will ship each room in specific boxes, making it much easier to unpack and stock each room.

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SLX home page web design

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What they said

“When I first made contact with the team from The Lab, I was taken with the ‘can-do’ attitude towards our entire project (it was a big one), and their willingness to meet our needs! We had a fairly intense approval process on our end, but the team at The Lab always made working together easy; from new needs popping up, to last minute changes, the overall approach was hard-working but always positive. Even post-launch, they’ve continued to be helpful and interactive, making it easy to solve any issues quickly and resolutely!”

Tara, Business Development, National Account Manager, SLX Hospitality