Using great design toDeliver your message

Design is as much utility and use, as it is emotion and feeling. Great design is everything, and we’re committed to planning and delivering uncompromisingly well-designed pieces for our client partners.

Everything from annual reports, direct mail and point-of-purchase signage, to apparel design and billboards – we deliver design that is consistent with your message, your brand, and your audience.

If you’re going to put it out theremake it look damn nice

From stitching, to materials, to inks – if you’re cutting corners on how your content is designed or presented – be it apparel or client presentation – you’re not doing yourself any favors.

Graphic design

Everything from annual report and magazine layouts, to print advertisements and large-scale signage, to apparel design.

Custom illustration

Stock is dead. We prefer to create original illustrations to communicate your message.

Corporate Presentations

Need to showcase your latest product, or impress a group of potential investors? We can build presentation materials for any occasion.

Photo and Video

We provide on-location photography and videography services to create your original content.

  • “I highly recommend The Lab Creative! I can personally attest to their professionalism, graphic design, their great customer service, and more!”

    JohnBelieve in Syracuse

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