Inclusive Schooling is a small organization with the goal of helping parents and schools create inclusive schooling environments. Dr. Julie Causton is a thought leader on the subject, and has written several books on the topic. We worked with Julie and her team on their brand, and to create a website full of resources for those who seek to create more inclusive schools.

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The team at Inclusive Schooling wanted a very clean, simple look to both their website and new logo. We kept the logo simple and added a touch of playfulness with fun, imperfect letterforms. As an added bonus the “U” in inclusive is visually supported by some of the other letters, making reference to the notion of inclusion being for everyone including you.

Inclusive Schooling Page Design
Inclusive Schooling Services Page Design

Inclusive Schooling Responsive Design Mobile
Inclusive Schooling Responsive Design Mobile

Website Design & Development

We created a very simple, easy to use website that works great on desktop computers as well as mobile devices. The site features two online courses that are available for purchase, a blog, online forums, and more. The site is powered by WordPress, allowing the Inclusive Schooling team to login and make site changes, administer the forums, and make new blog posts.

Launch site
Inclusive Schooling Website Blog Listing

Online Community

An important facet of the website is the online community. We setup a blog to allow the Inclusive Schooling team to post valuable information outside of their online courses. We also started an online forum for site users to share their experiences, offer helpful advice, and ask questions.

Inclusive Schooling Online Course Listing Website Design

Online course

The central feature to the website is the “Inspired Educator” online course. The course starts when a user registers, and completes after 21 days. Each day the user is emailed when a new day of material is available to them on the website. If they keep up with the course, they will be automatically issued a certificate of completion on the 21st day. Completion of the course is worth 3 professional development clock hours for an educator.

What they said

“The Lab Creative’s responsiveness, flexibility, and quality work always impress us! Their dedication to making sure everything on our site looks great and runs smoothly is so reassuring. We are excited to work with them on our new projects for years to come!”

Kate & Julie, Inclusive Schooling