Website Design & Development

Custom, Responsive, and Lemon-Zested Websites

Our studio’s approach to website design is focused on balancing a fresh and experimental aesthetic, alongside accessibility and technical performance. What does that mean for your project? Your website provides a rich visual experience for your visitors without sacrificing speed or accessibility compliance.

Responsive Design

It’s basically a given nowadays. All of our websites are designed to work seamlessly on all devices including phones and tablets.

Easy Page Builder

At the heart of all of our websites is our intuitive Molecules page builder that our clients use to easily keep their sites up-to-date.

SEO Ready

Your new site will be technically search engine optimized and have some great SEO tools installed. We can also help with your SEO strategy.

Custom Built

The backend of your new site will be custom built for you and your business. We make sure it’s intuitive and easy to use.

Our Website Design Process



Our team huddles with your organization to discuss the opportunities and approaches to this new web project. Stakeholders are named, roles are determined, high-fives are exchanged, and we get the ball rolling. In this phase, we also dive into the research-level data with competitor analysis and gather technical requirements for the project.


Content Development & Wireframes

This phase is all about organizing and plotting the hierarchy of on-page content. Having your brand’s content ready to go is incredibly helpful to boost the project’s timeline, but if you need help with developing content, 👋 we’re here for that, too. We’ll work with your team to review these black-and-white page sketches to ensure the right messaging is in the right places.


Mockups and Visuals

The mockups phase is where things get a little spicier – we present page comps that have a finished design aesthetic, complete with final colors, on-page content, and images, all ready for discussion and feedback amongst the team members. Our team provides these state page comps in both desktop and mobile views to understand how the responsive pages break down content for different screen sizes.


Development & Prototyping

With the approval of the visual aesthetic from the mockup phase, we’re finally ready to build the actual website! You’ll be able to watch the project come together and even leave feedback and comments right on the demo site as we build.


Site Launch

At the conclusion of our prototyping and QA phases, our team communicates with your marketing and management teams to establish a launch date for your new project 🚀

Fulton's responsive About page shown on an iPad and Industry Category page shown on an iPhone 12, both set on a wooden table top

Ongoing Support / Updates

With our hosting and ongoing maintenance partnership plan, we stick around to make sure the website’s technical aspects remain updated for compliance, security, and the fastest possible performance. Our studio provides a 99% uptime guarantee for all hosted websites, a 90-day floating window for sitewide backups, and a whole bunch of other goodies to make sure your focus is on growing your brand, and not babysitting your website. Your brand is in good hands 🙌.

Extended Website Services

  • Website hosting
  • On-going maintenance
  • Web architecture consulting
  • WordPress plugin development
  • Headless WordPress
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Corporate intranet sites
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization

“Throughout the process, The Lab Creative was a true partner, always available to answer questions and provide guidance. Communication was seamless, and the project was delivered on time and within budget. I highly recommend Lab Creative to anyone looking for a top-notch web developer who brings a unique blend of technical skill and artistic vision to their work.”

Joe Spadoni,

“Working with The Lab Creative was like having a band of rockstars join our team right from the get-go. They were able to get setup, started pushing code, and showed results in record time. Their work was top-notch, and they were easy to work with and felt like part of the team. We look forward to the next project with The Lab Creative, we know it will be awesome!”

Clarke Foley,

“It’s immeasurable to describe the efficiency, professionalism, speed, and creativity that The Lab Creative delivers. From Day 1 to the completion of our website build their team created a seamless working relationship with our staff. SEEDWAY’s product portfolio goes beyond 1,000’s of differentiating farm, turf, and vegetable seed products, and the layout they developed looks wonderful. We asked them for the stars, they gave us a digital galaxy!”

Matt Robson,

Working with The Lab Creative has been a great experience! Not only do they have fresh ideas, but they take into consideration user experience and SEO into their website design so it makes for a high-quality product in the end. They take care of everything from website hosting, design, build, launch, and maintenance which is a huge help for us.

Elizabeth Conklin,
Pinnacle Investments

We were looking for an innovative partner to help our vision come to life. Not only did we get a fantastic site, we got a responsive, collaborative partner. We also were trained in how to make changes so that we could maintain the content on our own.

Kate Kenney
RDG + Partners, Employee Retention Solutions

The team at The Lab Creative is hands down top-notch! The work they have done for our company, SparkOrange, speaks for itself- they are simply amazing! We love their creativity, unique design, and especially their passion for delivering exceptional work to their clients. We are very fortunate to have met these guys and look forward to continuing to collaborate with them as our business grows!

Nicole Elvers,
SparkOrange, a Crowe Company

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