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Below you will find the steps that we go through for every single web or branding project that we take on. No surprises – you know what you’re buying.



We’ll have a short over-the-phone or in-person conversation about the needs of your business, and how we can help. If we’re a good fit we’ll write you up a short porposal that includes our approach, timeline, fee summary, and next steps.



Accept our proposal? Nice! We’re excited to work with you. During this phase we’ll ask you even more questions about your business, learning as much as possible. Then we’ll work with you to formulate a plan and timeline.


Design and Implementing

The Lab’s design scientists will start designing, developing, coding, and bringing your project to life. A clear channel of communication remains constantly open to gather feedback along the way to make sure we’re headed in the best direction.



Once we’ve actualized and completed your project, we’ll work with you to bring it to your audience.



It doesn’t stop there! We provide support for further development, content, and web hosting – as per our agreement. If we built a site for you we’ll teach you how to make updates yourself. Problems? Questions? Just give us a call or fire off an email. We’re here to help.


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