Wood By Lief

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with local woodworker (and friend), Lief Brunet. Lief’s absurdly talented and extremely humble about his craft. His start with woodworking goes way back to his childhood, but his first foray into entrepreneurship started just a few years ago, while he was living and working in Brooklyn. Lief recently brought his business and woodshop back to Upstate, where he’s a little closer to the source of his products – all grown and harvested in Otisco, New York.

If you’re interested in checking out Lief’s work, check out this website we put up for him.

Logo Design

We started this project just like any of our gigs – Lief dropped by the studio so we could get his vision for his brand. After a quick chat, we started sketching out some ideas for different directions on paper.


Some early explorations.


We passed some of the scans over to Lief, who decided on a few that he’d like to see explored a little further. Time to fire up Illustrator and get some shapes up on the screen!


Artboard organization is not on point.
Wood by Lief logo design
The finalized, primary logo. Lief was stoked!


The alternate logo and Lief’s brand colors.


A safe little spinning hatchet for the website’s loading screen.


Minimal, Responsive Website

So, Lief definitely wanted a web presence, but wasn’t sure he needed to go with a full-scale eCommerce product at this point. Most of his work has come from referrals and word-of-mouth, so he just needed a way to showcase his current projects. We developed a simple, minimal site, that just provides a look at his immediate projects, and an avenue to contact Lief, himself.